Jumat, September 03, 2010

Reported Speech part 3

Rule III ( Statement )

Ex : She informs me, "I will be absent from 16-25 June."
-----> She infromed me that she would be absent from 16-25 June

And answer them ya!

1. She informs me, "We have been tired."
2. She informs me, "I wasn't happy with my scores!"
3. She informs me, "They are coming here soon."
4. She informs me, "He has been the principle since I entered."

And the answers are.....

1. She informed me that they had not been tired
2. She infromed me that she had not been happy with her scores
3. She informed me that they were coming there soon
4. She informed me that he had been the principle since she had entered

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